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Leveraging your supplier’s strengths… one customer’s story

Recently our quality team helped speed up an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customer’s FDA re-qualification cycle.  How?  By opening up and sharing our extensive shock and vibe test data with a customer who was duplicating the testing in their own facilities. The customer – let’s call them “MediDevice” … READ MORE

Josh Neland August 18th, 2010

LUN After LUN After LUN After…

Storage Swiss’ own George Crump recently examined ways in which you can simplify storage for virtualization, detailing the many complex and costly challenges created by traditional NAS and SAN in virtualized environments and offering some best practice strategies to solve these issues. One of his recommendations is to … READ MORE

Nick Kirsch August 18th, 2010

Next Gen I/O from NextIO

I got the pleasure of visiting a new OEM customer yesterday when Corbin Moore and I delivered a cutting edge PCIe chassis from our DCS Lab to their lab for qualification. Corbin Moore, Business Development Manager for the Dell OEM Group, did most of the hard labor while … READ MORE

Franklin Flint August 16th, 2010

Behind the Wizard’s Curtain (OneFS Revealed, Part I)

In my last post I kept it simple (chili-simple) in describing what OneFS® has done for enterprise data storage management. But for those of you who want to step behind the wizard’s curtain and into the technical details, these next three posts are for you. In the year … READ MORE

Nick Kirsch August 16th, 2010
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