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Thermal design insights into the Dell M910 blade server

As the lead thermal engineer for the PowerEdge M910 program, I wanted to share some insights into the thermal design and fan control algorithms of the M910 blade. The M910 is built around the Intel 7500 series Nehalem-EX processor architecture with 32 DDR3 DIMMs. CPU configurations include 2 … READ MORE

Robert C August 11th, 2010

PowerEdge C410x — Whiteboard topology

In the last of my GPGPU/PowerEdge C410x trilogy I offer up a whiteboard session with the system’s architect, Joe Sekel. Some of the topics Joe walks through: How does having remote GPGPUs connected via cable back to a server compare in performance to having the GPGPUs embedded in the … READ MORE

Barton George August 6th, 2010
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