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When worlds collide – is an IT shop a factory?

In mathematics, there are certain types of problems that are considered impossible to solve in a reasonable amount of time.  These problems are more common than you think and can appear deceptively simple.  For example, what is the shortest distance between 85,900 particular cities?  That question took 136 … READ MORE

Josh Neland September 8th, 2010

Dell’s imaginative custom shop

This week I was wandering through the OEM engineering labs and stumbled onto one of our mechanical engineers, Tom Holt, who was putting away a sample of one of his latest custom bezel projects. Like a proud new father, Tom showed off his work and discussed with me … READ MORE

Franklin Flint September 8th, 2010

Tut-tut, it smells like rain… clouds

In all the conversations I have with our OEM customers, those organizations who use Dell hardware and services to deliver their solutions to end user customers, I cannot help but notice the interest in taking advantage of cloud computing to deliver those solutions. There are many great benefits … READ MORE

Franklin Flint September 8th, 2010

A storm is brewing

As I read the news and speak with leaders in the tech world, the word “cloud” is bandied about like a new buzzword. I hear the word “cloud” more than I hear about Lady Gaga or Lindsay Lohan. But I also get the strange impression few people really … READ MORE

Franklin Flint September 8th, 2010
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