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Dell Tech Center Performs Virtualization Demonstrations

Scott Hanson, my colleague over at the Dell Tech Center recently did a post highlighting a couple of virtualization demos he performed recently in their lab. Something about rolling up his sleeves and getting his arms covered in virtual 1s and 0s gets @dellservergeek's propeller spinning quite fast (not a … READ MORE

Bruce Eric March 9th, 2009

An Exec Summary of Cloud Computing

Great summary here by Geva Perry on his Thinking Out Cloud blog. Viewing the cloud through the very different yet overlapping lenses of technology context vs. business considerations. Good thoughts and links here on the strategic implications, inhibitors to adoption and roles of key players.

Todd B February 26th, 2009

Keeping Your Power Edge with Dell’s PowerEdge Servers

Last month Daniel Bounds wrote that Conspicuous Consumption is Out of Style on the AMD at Work blog and described how Dell and AMD worked together to create energy efficient servers. Time for an update: this week Dell is shipping two-socket and four-socket blade and rack PowerEdge servers … READ MORE

Matt M February 24th, 2009

Dell Takes No. 1 Spot in TBR Customer Satisfaction Survey for Servers

Earlier this week, TBR (Technology Business Research) released its most recent Q4 Customer Satisfaction Survey for servers and Dell moved into sole leadership position, unseating HP and widening it’s lead over IBM (see chart at right). The results reflect improving, and positive, customer perceptions of Dell’s server and … READ MORE

Bruce Eric February 20th, 2009
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