Progress Made Real — Our Vision for 2030

Through our reach, technology and people we strive to create a positive, lasting impact on humankind and the planet. Progress Made Real — Our Vision for 2030 articulates what we believe is necessary for a positive social impact.


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Share Your Stories About IT Complexity

Everyone in technology knows that IT is too complex.  By announcing its Simplify IT initiatives, Dell has certainly gone on record saying we're doing something about it.  While IT complexity is a serious subject, actual stories are often pretty funny.  I don't know about you, but I've seen … READ MORE

Jeff S. Johnson March 13th, 2008

Cloud Computing and SaaS

KR asked: “What is the difference between cloud computing and software as a service?” This is a really good question. Let’s explore this space for a bit and hopefully we can come to a good answer. (I am going to attempt to be brief here so please forgive … READ MORE

Jimmy Pike March 9th, 2008
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