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Seeing Scalability @ work

A video showing the process of expanding a volume on a Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN.  Its amazingly simple:  First, you expand the volume in the management console, which automatically takes unused capacity from the free pool – including additional space you will need for snapshots. Then you go … READ MORE

Are you protected and connected?

Millions of business users-and their laptops-travel through busy transportation hubs worldwide each year.  With summer gearing up, it's the perfect time to travel, relax-and have sensitive business data lost or stolen.   According to the Ponemon Institute, every year a staggering number of laptops are lost or stolen, … READ MORE


This week I attended CloudCamp, which came up “out of the blue” from a lively discussion forum on cloud computing.  I think it could be best described as a flashmob conference – conceived and organized in less than a month by Reuven Cohen and others from the forum.  … READ MORE

Todd B June 29th, 2008

Hey! – A Storage Story in the Wall Street Journal Blogs

WSJ reporter Justin Schreck wrote a post "Dell Looks For Money in Storage." Check it out. Money quote: "…Dell Inc. has focused on the flashy consumer products, including its “Studio” line of laptops that was formally introduced Thursday and has been a topic of earlier Web leaks. But … READ MORE

David Graves June 26th, 2008
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