The Power of Future-Ready Organizations in the Data Era


Two years ago, Jeff Clarke created the Products and Operations organization, bringing together our Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG), Client Solutions Group (CSG) and Global Operations businesses into one powerful team. In fact, there’s not an organization in the world quite like it with its breadth, depth and scale.

As the leader of our Storage business, I knew right away this would allow us to take full advantage of our capabilities – our IP, talent and global supply chain – and enable us to drive growth and take share in the markets we serve. Most importantly, we deliver the innovation our customers’ need to transform their business and capitalize on the data tsunami coming their way.

When I reflect on what’s been possible across ISG through the power of collaboration, customer-focus, and a commitment to innovation, I’m left even more enthusiastic and energized about the journey ahead in my new role as President of ISG.

  • We are delivering a set of differentiated products
  • We’re growing our business and taking share
  • We have our best-ever quality across the portfolio
  • We’re developing our talent and investing in our people
  • We’re driving our operational rigor and strengthening our go-to-market muscle
  • And, we’re collaborating more closely with VMware and the other Dell Technologies businesses

Those are only a few examples – and we’re just getting started.

We’ve built an incredibly strong foundation across ISG, and now it’s time to go forward and accelerate our innovation engine to unlock the power of data for our customers.

How do we do that?

Focus on the customer – Deliver what customers need today to meet their evolving IT infrastructure needs and data-driven demands; enabling them to have a clear strategy as their needs evolve and as data scales and grows. Listening to their needs and challenges that we can uniquely solve.

Operate as One ISG Team – We’re developing the strongest talent and always getting smarter to be that trusted partner to our customers for the long-haul. We know that much of the innovation and power lies within our teams’ deep technology expertise and leadership.

Collaborating as one team is critical to our success and that of our customers.  To deliver the highest-quality innovation and experiences for our customers, we’ve got to think big about what we can make possible.

Accelerating Innovation:  – Innovation needs to be driven by everyone – everywhere. Fast paced, yet incredibly thoughtful and grounded in our customer-centric perspective. We test new ideas, iterate, learn from what’s working and what’s not – and get innovation to market faster than ever before.  The innovation and development sprints we have underway have enabled us to be more competitive than we’ve ever been.

When we focus on the customer, operate as One ISG Team and accelerate innovation, we are a future-ready organization. It’s a great recipe for our shared success into the next decade.

I’m looking forward as we continue our journey in ISG!

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