The Power of Dell Technologies On Demand for PowerScale


Today we announced Dell EMC PowerScale. This new family of storage systems engineered with industry-leading storage software and server hardware is a new standard for how organizations take advantage of unstructured data, such as documents, images, videos, and social media content.

PowerScale is supported by Dell Technologies On Demand, our portfolio of flexible consumption and as-a-service solutions across Dell’s entire end-to-end portfolio – from workforce solutions to data center gear, from edge to cloud. With Dell Technologies On Demand, businesses can more effectively control costs, manage expenses, and optimize budgets to meet short-term requirements and long-range objectives.

For more than 14 years, we’ve been leaders in flexible consumption solutions.** Our portfolio now approaches over $3.7B in assets under management. So, whether you choose to pay for technology as you grow, as you use it, or as a service, we’ve got it covered.

A real-world example of the scale of our solutions is demonstrated in the managed services utility model we provide for a large multinational financial institution as part of their enterprise Storage-as-a-Service implementation. The Dell team consolidated their growing volumes of disparate data into one central location with multiple tiers, using a variety of Dell EMC primary and unstructured data storage platforms. As a result, Dell Technologies On Demand enables the bank to pay only for each GB utilized, while seeing a greater than 90 percent reduction in data provisioning time and an estimated 27 percent cost savings for storage over seven years.

Additional flexible consumption solutions in Dell Technologies On Demand provide pay-as-you-grow options to acquire PowerScale with tiered payments to match growth, deferred payments for when you’re ready to deploy, or pre-provisioned upgrades for just-in-time capacity. Pay-per-use consumption models are suited for environments where storage capacity requirements are variable, PowerScale capacity to elastically scale capacity up and down with payments that align to actual usage.

Dell Technologies On Demand delivers significant value for storage, such as clear cost savings with gains in efficiency, productivity and business agility. In a recent IDC study analyzing the business value of Dell Technologies On Demand, participants cited both cost and time savings as noteworthy advantages. Customers who moved to pay-per-use consumption models with Dell EMC storage saw a 23 percent lower cost of storage operations per year, 25 percent lower storage acquisition costs, and 92 percent faster time to deploy new storage capacity. See infographic here.

We know that many customers turn to their trusted partners, including Solution Providers and Cloud Service Providers, to help bring structure to unstructured data, especially in key industries such as Media & Entertainment, Oil & Gas, and Health Care and Life Sciences. Partners can take full advantage of Dell Technologies On Demand to develop solutions and as-a-service offerings in customer facilities or the service provider’s data center.

The combination of PowerScale and Dell Technologies On Demand continue our long-standing dedication to driving innovation for our customers. For more information on Dell Technologies On Demand, watch the short video below, read this brief overview, and contact your local sales representative.


** Payment solutions provided by Dell Financial Services L.L.C. (DFS) or its affiliate or designee, subject to availability and may vary in certain countries. Where available, offers may be changed without notice.




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