PowerEdge 13th Generation Servers: Building a bridge to the future


As we approach the first anniversary of our 13th generation PowerEdge servers, we are proud to have shipped the portfolio to customers across the world to help them roll out technology in new and exciting ways. In fact, when we designed the latest portfolio we wanted to help customers build a bridge between traditional and future technologies while providing them choice in how to address industry trends like cloud computing, mobility, big data and software-defined. In order to do this effectively, we partnered closely with the Dell Research team, including Dr. Jai Menon, VP and Chief Research Officer, to discuss real-world customer needs of tomorrow and how servers will handle such workloads.

In the video, you’ll hear Jai and I discuss topics including what a server may look like by 2020 and how important technologies like memory, storage, and software-defined and convergence will continue to evolve. For example, in the case of memory, Jai tells us that by the year 2020, a 2U server which now holds 1 terabyte (TB) of memory could hold as much as 12 TB, which far exceeds the expectations set by Moore’s Law. By comparison, the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress currently contains approximately 10 TB of memory.

There’s no question the server industry is changing, and Dell’s strategy is paying off as we grew faster than the market during Q1. With customer-inspired advancements in storage, processing and memory technology coupled with industry-leading systems management capabilities, we’re helping customers from around the globe accelerate application performance, optimize workloads and simplify systems management.

One customer, Gresham Computing, is a leading software and services company that specializes in providing real-time financial transaction control solutions to the global matching and reconciliation market. They help financial institutions establish Real-time Financial Certainty by allowing customers to onboard new reconciliation quicker and reconcile their data faster. By utilizing the Dell PowerEdge R630, they’re able to process one million transactions in 41 seconds to provide real-time financial information. You can learn more in my interview with them here.

We hope you enjoy the video, and if there are any other challenges you’re facing, let us know how we can better help you meet business needs by reaching out on Twitter or visiting us at Dell World in the fall.

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