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Find out why the SAP market is the best to be in right now – and how it can benefit your customers, too.

In business, it’s always worth doing your research. Figures show[1] high-value workloads including business applications such as SAP are the only on-premise market that’s showing significant growth – which makes it a great opportunity for you not only to grow, but to support your customers at the same time. Furthermore, a significant industry shift to S/4HANA is required of SAP customers by 2025.

With Dell EMC, you’re selling infrastructure that’s optimized for and certified by SAP. You’re also:

  • selling an outstanding platform for migration to the new, digital world of SAP S/4HANA
  • helping with the transition to the cloud operating model
  • enabling digital transformation initiatives, including IoT, AI and machine learning

Dell EMC is the only Tier One provider with a portfolio broad enough to support customers in the modernization of their SAP workload infrastructure – from the edge, to the core, to the cloud.

Partner support and benefits

The support we offer you includes training and enablement, a wealth of marketing materials, and a variety of key events.

In return, you can expect significant benefits including rebates, MDF, Storage Spiffs, and MyRewards incentives.

You can also take advantage of:

  • Dell EMC Professional Services – helping you make the most of every sales opportunity
  • Deployment and consulting services, including SAP HANA Workshops and SAP Data Migration Assessments and Implementation
  • Other services, including VMAX Services, Dell EMC ProSupport Services and Dell EMC Customer Solution Centers
  • Access to the Dell Technologies Global Solution Centers and SAP Labs through our partnership with the SAP Center of Excellence (GSCoE), a focus team centralized at SAP’s headquarter campus in Walldorf (Germany) providing thought leadership, best practice, Proof of Concept, and training in SAP business solutions.

We’ve created everything you need to go out and win, so equip yourselves for SAP-based sales success, with access to training, events, marketing program collateral, and more.

There are several different program path options for you to choose:

Partner path options:

  1. Get ready by leveraging our learning and development path and reference material
  2. Become more experienced and successful by taking advantage of our hands-on enablement and communities
  3. Bridge your individual gaps by partnering with our profiled Dell EMC SAP reference partners
  4. Lead with Dell EMC SAP opportunities by becoming an SAP reference partner for special benefits

Along the way, make sure you make the most of Partner-to-Partner relationships, and of the many opportunities they present. If you do, you’ll win – and so will your customers. All the enablement we offer, and all the benefits you accrue, come together in our highly attractive Think Tomorrow Program, which will put you on the fast track for SAP workload opportunities.

So, why not find out how you can help your customers meet their SAP objectives – and boost your own on-premise sales at the same time? Everyone wins!

Find out more about SAP Workload opportunities

Activate now:  Think Tomorrow SAP Workload Marketing Campaign

[1] IDC Workload tracker 2018: mature value workloads (e.g. SAP) CAGR 8%, Emerging Workloads (e.g. AI/ML) CAGR +10%. Source: IDC Server Tracker Workloads Final Historical and Forecast 2017 H1; IDC ESS Tracker Workloads Final Historical and Forecast 2017 H1, Expert Interviews

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Security is one of today’s biggest IT issues – for organizations of all sizes, across all sectors.

Mid-market businesses have many of the same security concerns as larger enterprises – but they don’t always have the same budgets or staff resources.1 So how do they secure their organizations while also transforming their businesses? And how do they ensure their IT solutions will continue to meet evolving user demands?2

The answer lies in our powerful new mid-market proposition – it’s specifically designed to meet these needs… And it can also help you grow your business as a Dell Technologies partner.

Build your own business while helping customers to protect theirs

In our first end-to-end partner campaign solution for mid-market businesses, we’ve brought together a ready-made portfolio of Intel®-powered devices and data center solutions. These not only help organizations to transform their businesses but also provide complete protection, with industry-leading answers to security concerns.

With our modular, Intel-based portfolio, solutions can be designed to suit businesses at every size and stage, and on every budget.

Explore our sales and marketing campaign assets and you’ll realize that our powerful and comprehensive mid-market proposition will help you to:

  • Grow your business: Generate leads and gain new customers with our fully packaged, trusted, and secure end-to-end solutions, which h
    ave been carefully selected to meet your customers’ IT needs.
  • Be the end-to-end solutions provider: Broaden deals beyond the sale of any one device, infrastructure, or data element, adding value with bespoke design and consultancy.

Become the go-to technology partner for powerful security

As a Dell Technologies partner, you’re ideally positioned to deliver the trusted – and affordable – solutions that medium-sized businesses ask for.

Mid-market organizations face a myriad of threats to their business assets, corporate, and customer data – through physical theft and loss, Denial-of-Service (DoS/DDoS), phishing/pharming, ransomware, malware, data attacks, SQL injection, and more.

With attacks becoming more sophisticated, frequent, and widespread, these organizations increasingly require enterprise-grade protection – but without the added complexity and cost of larger-business solutions. Now is the perfect time to leverage our new Mid-Market campaign to show how you can help enable your customers’ security transformation.

Our end-to-end solutions help ensure ease of implementation and integration, because our pioneering products are explicitly designed to work together. It means you can offer integrated solutions from a single vendor, for additional peace of mind for your customers.

Trusted devices, trusted infrastructure, trusted data

Bear in mind that each mid-market business has its own challenges and understanding each individual customer’s specific IT landscape is critical. Each customer will require a tailored, all-encompassing, end-to-end solution that addresses and meets their evolving IT and user demands.

You can then introduce them to the concept of complete protection for their IT environment with the unseen power of Dell Technologies – and deliver a solution that spans trusted devices, trusted infrastructure, trusted data:

  • Dependably secure
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Flexible and scalable
  • All available from a single vendor
  • Powerful and comprehensive

Get started with our Mid-Market campaign

The best way to start unlocking this potential opportunity is to show prospects how you can help them more easily and efficiently manage the security and data integrity issues that most organizations are grappling with today. This is a common and pressing concern for the majority of medium-sized businesses.

You’re then sure to discover plenty of additional ways in which you can upsell and cross-sell – so you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise by adding value across the entire IT ecosystem.

> Explore our Mid-Market campaign on the Partner Demand Generation Center  

1 Forrester report, commissioned by Dell Technologies, ‘Priorities & Purchase Process of Medium Size ITDMs’, February 2019.

2 Forrester report, Exec Summary: ‘Faster Server Refresh Cycles Boost Innovation and Security for Mid-Market Businesses’, May 2019.

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