Redefine SAP with EMC XtremIO


EMC XtremIO Redefine SAPXtremIO is the industry leading All-Flash Storage Array. As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog, Flash is fast and by definition, an “All-Flash Storage” Array will be fast… sub millisecond response time is a given. The addition of Data Services, Compression, and Deduplication at scale without impacting performance is the key to enabling our customers’ application environments. Add to that, space efficient snapshots that provide the same performance as production without impacting production, and now you can truly impact how an application is deployed.

The EMC SAP Solutions Team recently worked directly with an EMC customer to better understand exactly how XtremIO could redefine SAP for them. The White Paper produced provides real-life SAP experiences and reports key SAP specific measurements. You’ll find details for Performance Gains, Consolidation & Operations Efficiencies, Cost Savings and how XtremIO simplified their SAP Deployment. Redefining SAP Infrastructure with XtremIO

Rather than just read the White Paper, I used a recent SAP Week as my opportunity to sit down with one of the authors of the paper. Tim Nguyen is a Global SAP Technology Evangelist and shared some insight into what testing was completed and how the customer benefited from XtremIO. That Video is Episode #18 of You can find the full White Paper “Redefining SAP Infrastructure with EMC XtremIO” here

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