Release and End of Service Life Notifications


Did you know you can view Release and End of Service Life information for your product(s) via the “Support by Product” section of Online Support?  You can!

Service life information is available via the Service Life section of the “Support by Product” page and is intended to enable awareness around the support life-cycle of a product.

To navigate to the Service Life section of a “Support by Product” page, please do the following:

Click on Support” then Support by Product” thenFind a Product by Name.  Enter the name of a product you are keen to view Service Life information for.   We selected “Powerpath for Linux” for this communication.

Service Life information is located in the lower left side of the “Support by Product” page.

service life.png

Here you will find service life information at the product level as well as a link to EMC Software, Firmware and Hardware “End of Service Life” documents.  To view the all software, firmware and or hardware information, please click on the “View All Release and End of Life Dates” link in the bottom area of the Service Life Pod.


A pop-up window will appear:



Click on the .xls link to open the document you’re interested in viewing.

Please note: Information at the product -level is updated real-time by Product Managers, as needed. Information in the All Hardware, Software and Firmware spreadsheets is also updated by the Product Management team; however, these updates are posted to online support once per month.  Moving forward, the goal is to have all of the data sourced from the same location to ensure synchronization of information in all areas of the Service Life pod.

We hope you find this information helpful.

Suzanne Correia

Program Manager, CS Operations


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