New SCv3000 Array Lights up the SC Series Entry Category


This week we’re announcing our new Dell EMC SCv3000 Series arrays, the latest offering in the popular SC lineup. Designed to provide unprecedented customer advantages at the “most affordable” end of midrange storage, this release signals an increasingly bright future for the overall SC Series, already poised for significant share gain in an expanding market.

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With modern auto-tiering, hybrid flash configuration options, intelligent data reduction and enterprise-class management, SCv3000 is a low-priced powerhouse. It showcases Dell EMC’s uncanny ability to make leading technology practical and attainable for more customers.

Complete portfolio refresh

SCv3000 is the final step in an upgrade process that began with the award-winning SC9000 array.  Following that release, SC7020 and SC5020 also offered quantum leaps within their respective categories.  SCv3000 now completes the transformation, making SC Series a more heterogeneous family, with unified software capabilities across a diversified hardware platform.

Dell EMC SC Series

SCv3000 goes beyond the previous-generation entry product (SCv2000), upgrading it with key capabilities of the larger SC arrays.  Performance has ramped 50 percent with faster processors and 2X more memory, and additional SC Operating System features have been enabled, including

  • Data Progression – now build auto-tiering, “zero-100 percent flash” hybrid solutions!
  • Intelligent Compression – dramatic cost savings on both SSDs and HDDs
  • Multi-array features
    • Full replication with SC9000, SC7020, SC5020 and SC4020
    • Federated clusters (Live Migrate)
    • Native auto-failover/auto-repair (Live Volume)
    • Cross-platform replication/management with PS Series (EqualLogic) arrays

It’s a lot of technology to cram into a small package – and it’s precisely the combination of capabilities our small- to mid-size customers have been requesting to help them compete with larger rivals in their respective industries.

Highly extensible on-ramp

Most importantly, SCv3000 gives these budget-conscious IT managers a truly future-proof introduction to advanced storage. Where else will you find a customer-installable array with starting street price under $10K and all these capabilities?

  • Robust VMware, Microsoft and other 3rd-party integrations
  • Ever-expanding Dell EMC ecosystem support (Networker, Data Domain, VPLEX, PowerPath, etc.)
  • Seamless federation/replication with a family of larger midrange systems

The bottom line is buying confidence. SCv3000 customers are empowered to move forward quickly, trusting a proven architecture, backed by Dell EMC’s world-class innovation and customer care.  As needs change, they can move up in the SC Series portfolio at any time while preserving and extending their initial investment. 

Dell EMC SCv3000 storage product photo

Stellar upgrade options

And believe me, there’s still plenty of room to move up! Fast as the SCv3000 is, the adjacent SC5020, launched in May, offers twice the real-world performance (>250,000 read/write IOPS or >370,000 max reads), not to mention Intelligent Deduplication.  And it just gets better from there, with SC9000 now pegging max speeds well over 400,000 IOPS.2

Whether you step up to that extra performance right away, or integrate it later with included multi-array federation – you’ll be able to move your workloads among arrays quickly without interrupting them.  The point is, whatever your starting point, SC Series has a right-sized, right-priced and right-performance solution to meet today’s needs, plus evolve wherever your business takes you.

Stay tuned for more good things from SC. Today’s announcement won’t be the last you hear regarding this dynamic, interconnected portfolio. But if you’ve been waiting to get on board because of feature limitations at the affordable entry-level, now is definitely the time to let your best apps shine on the SCv3000.

Learn more about SCv3000 Series Storage Arrays:

1 – Based on Dell EMC internal estimates.  Actual customer price may vary based on a variety of individual circumstances.
2 – Performance results based on internal tests performed by Dell EMC, April – June, 2017.  Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability.

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