Simplify and Automate Your Organization’s Data Protection with Dell EMC


An Increasing Focus on Automation

Digital transformation is not only changing businesses and operating models, it’s putting more pressure on IT organizations to automate. Many IT teams have already achieved some efficiencies by virtualizing and automating compute resources. However, the management and delivery of provisioned resources on top of critical compute, storage, network, and most importantly, data protection resources need improvement. Automation solves many of these problems. Automation enables IT agility in a way that’s standardized, consistent, scalable, repeatable, and secure. A fully automated environment can reduce the time it takes to deliver production-ready resources to business stakeholders from weeks to less than a day.

Automated and Orchestrated Cloud Data Protection

To keep up with the demands of the business, organizations need a modern data center with a unified platform for managing private, public, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. With VMware vRealize Suite (vRS), the foundation of the VMware Cloud Management Platform (CMP), is designed to help your organization gain the agility and speed that are essential to claiming and maintaining a competitive advantage. At the same time, the IT team gets the tools they need to manage uptime, performance, and cost of infrastructure and applications.

As more users adopt VMware and VMware vRealize Automation (vRA), Dell EMC’s deep integration with VMware’s user interface becomes more and more important. Pair VMware vRealize Suite with Dell EMC Data Protection and the solution offers automation, governance and compliance for users with the deepest integration points for your cloud orchestration portal.

Automate and Simplify Data Protection

The vRA Data Protection Extension from Dell EMC delivers Backup as a Service and self-service data protection for VMware environments. The extension offers data protection natively as part of vRA Advanced Services and all data protection tasks occur from within the vRA UI. Data protection is embedded into the blueprints, ensuring that data protection is automatically included during the deployment of applications and compute services. The extension also supports application consistent backup and recovery through built in agents.

Benefits of vRA and Dell EMC’s vRA Data Protection extension:

  • Data protection offered as part of vRA advanced service
  • Application consistency
  • Backup as a Service with Self-service data protection
  • Business agility
  • Get transparency and control over the costs/ quality of IT services
  • Control/optimize IT budget
  • Align IT with business priorities
  • Ensure automated data governance and compliance

To learn more about the vRealize Data Protection Extension integration with Dell EMC’s Data Protection Suite, please visit the VMware Solutions Exchange here.

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