Work/Life Balance for Women in Customer Service

The IT industry requires very knowledgeable professionals able to rapidly adapt to an ever evolving technology. Over the past decades, customers have been used to work in their data centers with a predominantly male population. Still female professionals choose Customer Service as a career. Listen to eight Customer … READ MORE

Bernadette Paillaud July 15th, 2014

Customer Service: Not Just For The Boys!

Gender diversity – and diversity overall – is high on many companies’ agenda, for very good reasons: it’s a win-win all over. Employees show higher motivation in a diverse team, teams are more successful and so is the employer. A company looking for candidates can be very creative … READ MORE

Bernadette Paillaud July 9th, 2014

EMC Ireland COE Sustainability Report

EMC Ireland COE is delighted to share our 2013 Sustainability Report with you. The report highlights, amongst other sustainability items, our involvement in the local community and some of the great work being done by our employees. To view a copy of the Sustainability Report please click here.

Elaine Beare June 25th, 2014

EMC Online Support: What’s New and What’s to Come

Since launching our new and improved Online Support site ( in May of 2012, EMC has continued to build on a portfolio of features and improve ease of use. Last June, we revamped navigation and introduced Proactive Service capabilities under My Support>My Products, providing a simplified view of … READ MORE

Holly Anderson June 23rd, 2014
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