Customers First! EMC UK/France Join Up for Great Causes

“Customers First” comes at the very top of the core values in EMC’s credo. This is well illustrated in Customer Service with very regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys sent to our customers once they had an onsite intervention with Field personnel involvement. The results of these surveys are key … READ MORE

Holly Anderson February 21st, 2014

Data Domain Customer Service Update!

As part of EMC’s commitment to continuous improvement of your overall service experience, we recently announced our plans to align Data Domain support processes and tools with EMC standards. We are proceeding according to plan and will complete the alignment on February 9, 2014. The changes will provide … READ MORE

Holly Anderson January 25th, 2014

Tour de Service #4: From Customer to Customer Service

On our last tour, we traveled to stunning Italy. Today’s adventure takes us to a special place, but not one you can visit by plane or train. Today we journey into the heart and mind of one person with two gifts—the important perspective of an EMC customer, as … READ MORE

Nishita Roy January 24th, 2014
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