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@The other day I received a call from my Uncle who is an orthopedic surgeon in Charles City, Iowa. He’s always been an accessible, wise mentor to me, therefore it is always a good thing when he calls me for advice, which he does regularly when it regards … READ MORE

John Stamp June 11th, 2013

Transforming Your Online Experience at EMC World 2013

The 2013 EMC World event, hosted at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas May 6-9, proved to be a groundbreaking, productive, and highly entertaining week of knowledge sharing, networking, and celebration. With nearly 16,000 guests in attendance – including customers, partners and EMC employees from around the world … READ MORE

Holly Anderson May 24th, 2013

Using Live Chat: ‘Problem or Question Type’ Guidance

EMC’s Live Chat continues to provide a positive support experience for customers that require immediate response to questions. The combination of quick response and technical expertise has driven EMC’s drive toward service excellence in any communication channel that our customers choose. The proof is the continued growth of … READ MORE

Jeffrey Cote May 21st, 2013

Customer Service Driving Knowledge Content

Background Customer Service technology, in general, has evolved to meet the demands of the changing demographic that it serves. Customers continue to adopt self-help options that provide speed of response and flexibility of consumption. Service practitioners continue to feed this appetite through tool development and intelligent services. New … READ MORE

Jeffrey Cote May 1st, 2013

Empowering Your Cloud

Everyone is talking about "The Cloud" and the promising world of "Big Data." But these concepts are brought into existence only by implementing and growing technical infrastructure. Without Symms and VNX’s — countless different array, parts, and cabling that comprise data infrastructure — "The Cloud" would be nothing … READ MORE

Emiliano Avellaneda April 30th, 2013

Social Support @ EMC

EMC’s Social Support Program strives to position EMC as a leader in world-class self-service by delivering engaging support-related content through multi-channel, multi-lingual social media. The Customer Service Innovation Team manages two social media spaces entirely dedicated to providing Social Support to our customers and partners: @EMCsupport on Twitter … READ MORE

Holly Anderson April 19th, 2013

Expanded Availability for Live Chat Support!

If you speak Chinese, Spanish or Portuguese and would like a quick response for your CLARiiON or Networker support needs, take advantage of our Live Chat Proof-of-Concept.  This uses auto translation which allows EMC to extend the hours of operation and provide the response in your preferred language. … READ MORE

Hien Ho March 22nd, 2013

Expanding Technology Discussions in the EMC Support Community

The one thing that can be said about technology is that it never stops evolving. And as EMC grows its market share, partnerships, and product portfolio, that leads to real-world intersections with other products on an increasing scale. So obviously there is a need to expand the conversations … READ MORE

Mark Browne September 25th, 2012
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