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We are happy to announce that the SolVe Online tool and training is now available for customers! Download the SolVe Online Training Deck, and learn more and access the tool today to get started.

The initial release of SolVe Online offers the same functionality of SolVe Desktop, with many new features such as: blog 1.PNG.png

  • Multi-Platform OS access (tablets, desktop, and laptops)
  • Search (procedure content)
  • Simplified authentication using SSO
  • No local disk space required
  • Reporting and metrics

Future SolVe Online releases will offer additional features, including:

  • Mobile capability
  • ETA/ESA integration
  • FCO (Field Change Order) Look up
  • Expanded Search (Knowledgebase, ETA, ESA, etc.)
  • Procedure history
  • Multi-language support
  • MyService360 integration
  • Expanded reporting and metrics

Differences Between SolVe Desktop and SolVe Online

SolVe Desktop (Current) SolVe Online (New)
Windows Desktop application with local content cache Lightweight browser-based web application
Requires Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word Does not require Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Word
Limited to Microsoft Windows Desktops/Laptops Supports all platforms – Windows, MAC, Tablet, Mobile
Over 15GB disk space required for full install No local disk space requirement
Complex  authentication process Simple SSO-based authentication process
English-only UI and content Localized user interface and content languages.

Including (English, Spanish, French, German, Russian,

Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian)

No search capabilities SolVe search feature for enhanced usability
Basic Multimedia support Improved multimedia support
Limited content formats available More content formats available
Complex import of new content

The SolVe Desktop application will remain in place with the release of SolVe Online. We have heard your concerns, and understand the continued need for offline access. If you have questions or feedback, we encourage you to post them in the Comment section below. Thank you!

Holly Anderson

Dell EMC, Social Support

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