[The Source Podcast] Have you Herd? The World Wide Herd Project and Global IoT


Almost a year ago, Patricia Florissi Blogged about a Distributed Data Analytics platform and the World Wide Herd (WWH).  The concept of creating a global network of distributed Apache Hadoop instances forming a single virtual computing cluster.

Sam Marraccini, Ahmed Osama and Lori Schlesman recording a podcast at Dell Technologies World 2018

More recently, Florissi talked about how the challenge at the heart of federated analytics is when you decentralize data analytics, you have to take steps to ensure that you can verify the integrity of all the participants and all the data sources in the analytics process.

“How do you get there?” she asked. “The answer is to bring together the unique capabilities of federated analytics and blockchain technology, which adds a distributed ledger to the federated analytics solution. This is the approach Dell Technologies uses in our WWH.”

The concept opens the door to an amazing amount of possibilities, orchestrating computations across the globe from edge to core to cloud.  While at Dell Technologies World 2018, I caught up with Ahmed Osama, (@Ahmed_OZ) senior innovation manager and Lori Schlesman (@LoriSchles) lead program manager for the WWH project to find out what our customers have been using the platform for various use cases.

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