Step into the Dell EMC VR Playground


Explore the power of Dell, through the power of play

Experience virtual reality and get to grips with the Dell commercial client portfolio in the Dell EMC VR Playground? We’re bringing the power of play to you, our partners.

woman using a Dell mixed reality headset while others watch

Virtual reality (VR) is being increasingly embedded into commercial workflows, so we want to ensure everyone experiences the true power of VR.

The Dell EMC VR Playground enables you to experience our new Dell Commercial Client portfolio, including 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7+ vPro™, in a set of challenges – a great way to build engagement on the sales floor or at customer events.

Your first stop will be the virtual sales floor, where you’ll face a hide and seek challenge. Your task? To find five of our Dell OptiPlex Micros, which – due to their compact size – have been mounted in different places. And remember, the clock’s ticking.

The next floor is our product design lab. This is all about precision – Dell Precision, to be precise. Here, you’ll face the tough product-launch timescales your customers are challenged with. So prepare to design, build and launch a Dell EMC robot, or face being locked in the design lab.

And we’ve just launched our latest challenge.  The rooftop garden.  This is all about the mobility of our Latitude 2-in-1’s.  Here you’ll have to use your Latitude 7390 2-in-1 to find your way around the maze, collect the ORB’s and escape before your time’s up.

Enter the Dell EMC VR Playground today. Download the app from Viveport or the MS Store and get the set-up guide in the Sales Enablement sections of the OptiPlex or Precision pages of the Digital Marketing Platform.

And you can play in English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese or LATAM Spanish, just choose your language at the start of the game.

How will you perform under pressure?

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