The New Way to Manage Service Requests

Managing Service Requests is an essential part of a support professional’s day. At EMC, we strive to make this as easy and efficient as possible for everyone who takes part. Right now, managing SR’s can be accomplished from the Support Service Center, as well as with the Support … READ MORE

Jillian Loring November 6th, 2014

Accessing Support Forums from the Field

Support Forums are an important resource for anyone working with EMC products. Perhaps even more important is the ability to access forums while in the field – when you need them. EMC MOBILE offers a mobile-friendly way to access support forums and other ECN communities alike, wherever you … READ MORE

Jillian Loring October 14th, 2014

Applications Have Gone Mobile

“Elvis has left the building.” It was a popular phrase to disperse crowds after Elvis Presley concerts and has found its way into colloquial American speech. Fact was Elvis had moved on to the next big gig while some of his followers just didn’t want to accept that … READ MORE

Mark Prahl January 20th, 2012
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