The Next Element for IT Service Providers in the Digital Age

Digital technology has disrupted large swaths of the economy and is generating huge amount of data, where the average backup hovers at around a petabyte. Not all organizations can cope up with this data deluge and look to service providers for storage and protection. Many service providers provide … READ MORE

Diana Gao February 27th, 2017

Experiences that Meet Expectations

I recently found myself standing at one end of a large field.  People were everywhere and it was extremely loud.  It was 37 degrees Fahrenheit and raining.  I think I even saw a few snowflakes mixed in.  I stood there soaked and shaking, but didn’t mind.  I was … READ MORE

Tom Giuliano December 5th, 2016

That Familiar Enterprise Experience in the Cloud

I drive a Honda Odyssey minivan. Well, actually, it’s my wife’s van.  I use it for occasional trips to Home Depot, the landfill…that sort of thing.  And I’ll freely admit it…..I like driving the van (which I lovingly refer to as “the bus”).  It has tons of room, … READ MORE

Tom Giuliano June 16th, 2016

Be Protected when Data Loss Strikes

Across all industries, firms around the globe fear one common enemy: data loss. This super villain attacks organizations without warning through unexpected failures and outages, causing IT professionals to live in constant fear of the loss of their firm’s data. The scourge of data loss can attack from … READ MORE

John Dentinger February 24th, 2016

Tiers without tears: Discover easier tiering with ECS

The new features in EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) bring intelligent cloud tiering to your archive. Let’s break that down – first, what do we mean by an “intelligent” archive? Obviously it makes sense to move older inactive data off your expensive primary storage to a lower-cost repository … READ MORE

Bob Williamsen February 1st, 2016

Tape is Like a Parachute

There are some things in life that have to work the first time you need them. A parachute, for instance. Either it performs as advertised on its maiden voyage, or you won’t be needing it again. Life insurance is another example.  If a carrier happily accepts a lifetime’s … READ MORE

Scott Ellman November 2nd, 2015

Archive First and Save Time Later with Data Archiving!

When enterprise customers face challenges trying to manage uncontrolled data and identify relevant data for compliance and eDiscovery, you will find that an archive solution can help. Archiving can help you identify files and data that are no longer active within your organization and move them off an … READ MORE

Jennifer Zhou June 24th, 2015

Big Data or Little Data: Do We Have To Choose?

A storm is brewing in the legal world: Should we find ways to better manage our data, enabling us to get rid of data as soon as it has expired; or should we keep all data for as long as possible , relying on storage and search improvements … READ MORE

Jim Shook November 12th, 2014
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