Continuous Availability without Any Compromise

Everyone needs some summer downtime. If you have not taken your summer downtime yet I hope you have plans to do it soon. However when it comes to business, the last thing we need on a vacation is a frantic phone call that your business has taken some … READ MORE

Parasar Kodati August 10th, 2016

When Six Nines Availability is Simply Not Good Enough

In this new world of the Internet of Things (IoT) where social media and mobile is king, data is expected to be always-available and data centers always-on. It is an arduous task for IT departments to procure the right products. It is even harder to create the right … READ MORE

Ramesh Balan February 1st, 2016

Trust Starts with Transparency

Lots of people talk about transparency, your boss, your spouse, your congressman, but how many truly live it? It’s easy to find examples of people calling for transparency or claiming to be transparent only to be proven insincere or dishonest. My favorite example may be the time the … READ MORE

Jeff Erramousepe October 14th, 2015

A Well Run Hybrid Cloud is a Protected Cloud

EMC has announced that it is delivering an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution which finally produces the outcome that customers want; a fully operational hybrid cloud, fast. And by fast I mean in as few as 28 days. That’s infrastructure-as-a-service, fully automated and self-service to enable app developers and … READ MORE

Michael Wilke October 29th, 2014

VPLEX: Integrated Simplicity Worth Talking About

EMC VPLEX was the first true active-active storage virtualization product introduced to the industry in May 2010. Since then, cluster installations have surpassed 3000+ as of Q4, 2013 and trending at a clip of 200 installs per week, today Q1 of 2014 that number is rapidly approaching 4,000.

Jennifer Aspesi April 11th, 2014

The Social Network of Machines, Software-Defined Storage, & the Data Protection Continuum

The Second Machine Age is redefining our relationship with technology. From healthcare to transportation, our lives will be nearly unrecognizable to our children. Underlying this change is the next generation of the social network: a Social Network of Machines. This Social Network of Machines will be a vast infrastructure built on the Third Platform (i.e. mobile, big data, social, cloud) and fueled by near-ubiquitous metadata about machines and humans.
In this two part series, we’ll first examine what technology drives the Second Machine Age. Then we will explore how we can avoid an “Accidental Architecture” on a global scale.

Stephen Manley March 25th, 2014
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