Off to the Races!

A mere five months ago, Lotus F1 Team and EMC embarked upon a partnership to create the IT backbone necessary to underpin the Team’s aspiration to challenge for the World Championship in 2015. Together we are completely overhauling our IT infrastructure. I am thrilled to report that the infrastructure was … READ MORE

Michael Taylor October 16th, 2013

Self-Service Breakthrough with EMC VMAX Cloud Edition

Today at VMware’s Partner Exchange, EMC launched VMAX Cloud Edition. I’ve been a part of some pretty big transformations leading product management and technical marketing teams at companies like EMC and Microsoft. I can testify that it’s truly a fundamental change to the whole idea of what “enterprise-class storage” is, … READ MORE

Peter C. Conway February 26th, 2013

Big Data: Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Big Data comes with big promises. Take personalized medicine, for instance. Within a year, the costs of full human genome sequencing will likely drop to about $1,000, which will eventually lead to a dramatic improvement in individual healthcare. Adding each of our unique individual DNA “signatures” to millions of others … READ MORE

Sujal Patel April 11th, 2012
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