Experiences that Meet Expectations

I recently found myself standing at one end of a large field.  People were everywhere and it was extremely loud.  It was 37 degrees Fahrenheit and raining.  I think I even saw a few snowflakes mixed in.  I stood there soaked and shaking, but didn’t mind.  I was … READ MORE

Tom Giuliano December 5th, 2016

That Familiar Enterprise Experience in the Cloud

I drive a Honda Odyssey minivan. Well, actually, it’s my wife’s van.  I use it for occasional trips to Home Depot, the landfill…that sort of thing.  And I’ll freely admit it…..I like driving the van (which I lovingly refer to as “the bus”).  It has tons of room, … READ MORE

Tom Giuliano June 16th, 2016

Road to Efficiency, Part 2

As business look at cloud adoption, the question is, “What is the cloud good for?” Yes, the cloud can be efficient and elastic, but what would be its real use in complex environments? A different way of looking at the road to the cloud is by considering where … READ MORE

Vladimir Mandic May 16th, 2016

Get a Snow Blower for Your Cold Data

I think it is safe to say that this past winter in the Boston area has been more like Spring. Unlike my three year old who is fond of using her shovel (the blue one pictured below) I and my back did not miss the snow. Nevertheless I … READ MORE

Parasar Kodati April 13th, 2016

Make It Rain with Your EMC Hybrid Cloud

Today’s technology forecast includes an accelerated shift to the hybrid cloud. With over 75% of enterprise IT organizations deploying hybrid cloud already, adoption is predicted to continue to grow. In only the last few years, hybrid cloud has become the preferred way to deliver IT services and drive business … READ MORE

Scott Delandy November 17th, 2015

Tape is Like a Parachute

There are some things in life that have to work the first time you need them. A parachute, for instance. Either it performs as advertised on its maiden voyage, or you won’t be needing it again. Life insurance is another example.  If a carrier happily accepts a lifetime’s … READ MORE

Scott Ellman November 2nd, 2015

Long-term Retention – It’s in Our DNA

In high school biology class, you may have learned that deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, is the essence of who you are, both on the inside and the outside. Analyzing one’s DNA gives you an accurate genetic history, and also provides information about physical and mental characteristics. Take a … READ MORE

Sarah Werner August 3rd, 2015

The Magic of Cloud Storage

EMC didn’t acquire Maginatics, the Silicon Valley startup where I wore a marketing hat for two and a half years, because we had “Magic” in our name. It was the pixie dust in our technology that caught Hopkinton’s attention. With cloud storage top-of-mind for many enterprises, EMC wanted … READ MORE

Scott Ellman June 3rd, 2015
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