SAN Extension Optimizes WAN Resources for Data Protection with FCiP

Businesses today need to replicate and distribute data on a global scale.  One technology that enables remote replication and disaster recovery solutions over Wide Area Networks (WAN) is SAN Extension. In basic terms, SAN Extension connects switches between two sites over distance.  A popular SAN Extension deployment method uses Fibre … READ MORE

Deirdre Wassell November 7th, 2016

Modern Networks for Today and Tomorrow

“Why should I buy this now?” Have you ever thought that while looking at the latest products, whether that’s new technology, entertainment systems, sports equipment or anything else? Do you wonder, “Will it provide more value, better performance, or just a give me something to brag about with my friends?” … READ MORE

Doug Fierro July 19th, 2016

A Variety of Webinars to Fit Your Needs

Are you curious about where your use case and product questions can be addressed? The Core Technologies team here at EMC has many ways to engage with you, at your convenience, to meet your needs. The most recent way to stay connected is our newly launched webinar series – a … READ MORE

Lauren Simpson July 18th, 2016

Fibre Channel Customers Get Another 16Gb Boost

Introducing the Highly Scalable MDS 9396S Switch. At EMC World 2015, Erik Smith, Consulting Technologist on the EMC Connectrix team, hosted a Birds of a Feather session titled ‘FC: Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ Well, the standing room only crowd (>400 people), voted strongly their support for Fibre … READ MORE

Doug Fierro May 21st, 2015
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