EMC Data Protection Advisor For As-A-Service Cloud Environments

What can you do to ensure data protection as you move to cloud? Services-based storage, infrastructure, and data protection trends and technologies are recurring topics in this blog. Awhile back I wrote a post about enabling data protection as-a-service discussing the need for centralized management at cloud-scale, multiple … READ MORE

Mark Prahl March 15th, 2013

EMC Data Protection Advisor 6: Vigilance Was Never So Simple

Any IT administrator or application owner who can’t instantaneously verify that vital business data is not properly protected is leaving both themselves and their data exposed. It’s that simple. It’s a perilous and potentially very costly situation. Today, EMC announced a major update to Data Protection Advisor, EMC’s … READ MORE

Tom Giuliano March 11th, 2013

Portfolio Approach to the Gold

Watching the Olympic games, I couldn’t help thinking about what it takes for a country to develop a team of athletes capable of winning gold medals in various arenas. When one athlete dominates a sport, that’s a sign of rare, world-class talent. But when multiple athletes from the … READ MORE

David Goulden August 27th, 2012

Data Center Watch: Know Your Virtual Applications Are Protected

There is an interesting phenomenon going on in the data center today. As more and more mission-critical applications move into production virtual environments, backup administrators are spending a lot more time ensuring data is truly protected. Understandably, the overall focus in the data center is on the internal … READ MORE

Mark Prahl February 3rd, 2012
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