El Nino Effects from California to Chennai

The El Nino effect dramatically amplified the seasonal rainfall for Chennai causing one of the worst flooding in the southeast (or southeastern) Indian city. The disruption was so bad that it actually made material difference to the quarterly financials of IT giants like TCS. On the other half of the … READ MORE

Parasar Kodati February 22nd, 2016

Don’t Let Your Data Get Burned

Our world is becoming increasingly reliant on data and failure to protect it can be catastrophic. That may sound like hyperbole, but the loss of data can literally mean the loss of your business. Whether it’s the threat of hackers, system failure, or human error, data protection should be at … READ MORE

John Amichetti December 16th, 2015

Breakfast with ECS: Can Your Business Survive a Data Center Outage?

Welcome to another edition of Breakfast with ECS, a series where we take a look at issues related to cloud storage and ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage), EMC’s cloud-scale storage platform. Back in 2003, Google published its vision for a scale-out, resilient, petabyte scale filesystem called the Google File System. This inspired … READ MORE

Nikhil Joshi November 20th, 2015

Superna Ramps Up Workflows with VMAX3

IT is an integral part of most businesses today. At Superna, IT is our business. We design, test, and certify enterprise software on EMC and VCE infrastructures for other companies around the world—all day, every day. Therefore, we’re constantly exploring the latest and greatest in IT. We’ve adopted nearly the … READ MORE

Andrew McKay November 4th, 2015

Why you want a Witness to Disaster Recovery

How to protect data and be prepared to survive a disaster is a big topic to cover. Obviously data protection has a lot of components—ranging from hardware capabilities, algorithms used by the system to protect data and ensure integrity, and concerns like backup and replication strategies. In this note let’s … READ MORE

Bob Williamsen July 16th, 2015

Assessing Data Loss Costs: Value-Driven Protection of the Bottom Line

In an age when most companies invest to become data-driven, the value of data is increasingly a key criteria for making IT decisions, and the protection of the data becomes paramount to those decisions When making backup-related decisions, price justification involves the potential capital loss to the organization when a … READ MORE

Omer Sagi June 9th, 2015

Inoculate Your Data From Disruption and Disasters

After reading the blog 4 Things IT Can Learn From Massachusetts Record Snowfall, I began to think about natural disasters and other types of scenarios that could disrupt IT and for that matter companies as a whole. Every second of every day, volumes of irreplaceable data is updated. Can your … READ MORE

Lisa Matzdorff February 27th, 2015

It’s SNOW TIME! Does Your IT Get a Snow Day?

So far this winter season Boston has made history with a new snowfall record. Winter storms have slammed Northern New England, causing record-breaking snowfall, high winds with coastal flooding, and school cancellations causing major delays across the region. While city and town workers worked all hours of the night clearing … READ MORE

Amy McCue February 24th, 2015

Chinese New Year – Year of the Goat

Plans are well underway in Asia and around the world to celebrate Chinese New Year which begins on February 19.  Here are 8 fun facts about CNY and corresponding tips to help guide your Data Protection strategy in the Lunar New Year.  

Shane Moore February 16th, 2015
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