Road to Efficiency, Part 1

In the new IT, there are so many buzzwords, especially around cloud services. Where does the cloud actually fit? Clouds can be private or public, and they can serve traditional “Platform 2” applications as well as new “Platform 3” applications. So let’s look at cloud services from that perspective. Of … READ MORE

Vladimir Mandic May 9th, 2016

The Convergence of Innovation & Sustainability

Innovation and sustainability are two core values for EMC and for any truly forward-looking organization. After all, without innovation, companies risk stagnation, commoditization, and downright irrelevance in a world where change just continues to accelerate. Sustainability is equally important to any company’s future if it’s to have a talented and energized … READ MORE

Kathrin Winkler October 3rd, 2012

Does the Journey to ITaaS Come with a GPS?

Making the commitment to transform your IT organization into an IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) provider will yield tremendous benefits including agility, efficiency, business alignment and cost/value optimization. The migration to ITaaS will also bring with it a multitude of changes, affecting the IT business model, the technologies enabling that business model and … READ MORE

Jon Peirce August 10th, 2012

Our Best Lineup Yet

Last week, I joined Paul Maritz of VMware, and Pat Gelsinger and David Goulden of EMC, on a call with analysts and the press to discuss the leadership appointments we just announced and why we made them now. Here is a summary of what I said on the call:

Joe Tucci July 23rd, 2012
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