Configuring ECS: Start Uploading Files in 5 Minutes!

Many times after an Elastic Cloud Storage ECS installation, the question that arises is, “Now, what do we do with this thing?” It’s understandable because an object-storage appliance is not like a SAN or a NAS array. You cannot just walk back to your cube and start archiving old … READ MORE

Chris Kanthan June 25th, 2015

Introducing ECS 2.0

ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage) provides a hyperscale, geo-distributed, software-defined cloud storage platform that is perfect for unstructured data, Big Data applications and Data Lakes. Deployed as a software-only solution or as a turnkey appliance, ECS offers all the cost advantages of public cloud running on commodity infrastructure while … READ MORE

Vikram Bhambri June 22nd, 2015

Datadobi and EMC: Fast, Reliable Data Migrations

*The following is a guest post by Michael Jack, Global Sales Director at Datadobi. Over the past 13 years, EMC Centera has – and continues to be – the most reliable object storage and compliant archiving platform in the industry.  While EMC continues to sell and support Centera, customers … READ MORE

Michael Jack June 9th, 2015

Energize Your Cloud

You’ve been hearing a lot about cloud computing these days. If the many definitions of the Cloud seem a tad abstract and esoteric – you’re not alone. Go to any IT tradeshow or consulting conference and you’ll see liberal references and pictures of the Cloud. Many messages are … READ MORE

Rodger Burkley November 17th, 2014

You Think You Know Cloud Storage Gateways? Sync Again

*The following is a guest blog post, written by Jeff Denworth of CTERA The cloud storage gateway market was particularly hot this summer, having experienced a flood of investment topping over $100M in both likely and unlikely places. CTERA was one vendor at the center of it all … READ MORE

Jeff Denworth November 10th, 2014

A Look Back Forward: IT Visions, Miscues, and True Transformations (Said Simply: Ken Olsen Was Right After All!)

Once upon a time, ‘parsecs’ ago in high tech time, there was a computer giant homegrown in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts founded by an engineering and entrepreneur genius. I’m referring to (of course) Digital Equipment Corporation (aka “DEC”) and wunderkind founder, CEO, President, and paternalistic ‘gentle giant’ … READ MORE

Rodger Burkley October 6th, 2014

EMC World 2014, An Advanced Software Perspective

EMC World 2014 took place in early May 2014 and it was made clear that the world of storage is changing, driven by industry-wide trends larger than any single company. In a time of great change, companies can be left behind, branding yesterday’s technologies as today’s answers, or … READ MORE

Mark O'Connell July 14th, 2014
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