Episode #37: Storage Platform Update with Scott Delandy

The EMC product portfolio continues to evolve, and while flash technology is a big part ofthat evolution, it’s just the beginning.  Software and architecture are required to unlock the real value of Flash.  I recently spoke to Scott Delandy (@ScottDelandy), EMC Technology Director about exactly that, the software value of … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini April 6th, 2016

Episode #36: Hybrid Cloud, Build vs Buy? with Kevin Gray

Cloud computing continues to gain momentum across organizations of all sizes.  IDC estimates that 80% of IT service organizations will move to hybrid cloud environments by the end of 2017. What does a hybrid cloud do for your business?  What are the real business benefits? More important, once you have … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini March 30th, 2016

Episode #32: Introducing DSSD D5 with Will Layton

EMC Unveils DSSD D5: a Quantum Leap in Flash Storage:  You have seen the Press Release and watched the live Quantum Leap event!   DSSD D5: is 10Milliion IOPS, ~100 Microsecond Latency, 100GB/s Bandwidth and 144TB raw Flash in five rack units. – Truly a Quantum Leap! But what does it … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini March 2nd, 2016

Episode #21: DevOps : Critical to your Business

Definition:  DevOps (a clipped compound of “development” and “operations”) is a software development method that emphasizes the roles of both software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals with an emphasis on IT Operations. Application development is critical to business success.  DevOps promises to improve your IT organization’s ability to respond … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini November 11th, 2015

Episode #16: Clouds, Code, Containers and EMC? Oh My!

EMC: The Source Podcast Episode #16:  Clouds, Code, Containers, Open Source, DevOps and EMC?  Yes – and EMC!  The EMC {code} movement has created a tremendous following in the open source community.  Free Software, Free and Open Code and a development community, this isn’t your grandfather’s EMC. I spent some … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini October 7th, 2015

Episode #14: Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud VMworld Update

EMC: The Source Podcast Episode #14:   The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solutions provide the ability for IT to focus on business innovation rather than deploying and maintaining infrastructure, minimize provisioning times with policy-driven templates, and becomes more nimble and responsive while lowering costs.  Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud delivers automation and … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini September 23rd, 2015

Episode #10: VMworld 2015 Preview

The Source Episode #10: VMworld Preview.  Are you “Ready for Any”?  We are!!!   EMC is once again a Diamond Sponsor of VMworld!  The amount of work that goes into an event like VMworld is amazing.  In addition to the EMC Trade Show booth, you will be able to find a … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini August 26th, 2015

Episode #9: Big Data Solutions

The Source Episode #9: Big Data Solutions.  This week I spent some time with Christie Gifrin (@cgifrin).  Christie is part of the Big Data Solution Team (@EMCBigData) and has been directly involved in the Federation Business Data Lake Solution.  What is Big Data, how do we leverage it, and how … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini August 19th, 2015
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