Enterprise HR Apps – An Opportunity for All

Everywhere you look, people are taking advantage of the latest and greatest software on their smart phones and tablets. At the touch of a button, we all have access to new apps that help us improve our productivity, share ideas and even have a little fun. So why … READ MORE

Jack Mollen March 12th, 2012

3 Not Always Obvious Reasons to Replicate

How is replication relevant in today’s world of virtualization and cloud computing? Since the dawn of the information age, replication for disaster recovery has been business as usual for the data center. In more recent times, many business intelligence tools have emerged that also use replication. But, these … READ MORE

Mark Prahl March 9th, 2012

Making Data Work with Strata Conference

Anyone who is serious about Big Data attended last week’s O’Reilly Strata Conference 2012 in Santa Clara, CA.  “Making Data Work” was the theme of the show and EMC focused its participation in not only providing a Big Data Infrastructure to economically store and manage big data, but … READ MORE

Mona Patel March 5th, 2012

Fast Cache and the Power Path

What’s the connection between server Flash and storage Flash? Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about server Flash here at EMC. The EMC implementation of PCIe server cache or EMC VFCache makes for a very good application performance story. It augments EMC storage-based Flash (i.e. EMC FAST) for … READ MORE

Mark Prahl March 2nd, 2012

The Velvet Hammer Approach to Success

I’ve been fortunate enough in my own career to take advantage of opportunities that are not always so apparent. Sometimes it’s a matter of being at the right place at the right time and other times it’s about asking when the right place and time is going to … READ MORE

Linda Connly February 23rd, 2012

Think Bigger: How to Harness the Power of Big Data

What’s the promise of Big Data? And the perils? How can it be used to drive growth? Improve efficiency? Create competitive advantage? How are effective data science teams built? These were just some of the burning Big Data questions addressed by the first briefing in the EMC Greenplum … READ MORE

Sandra Hamilton February 21st, 2012

Rescue From the Abyss

What’s the big deal about email? You use it every day to communicate. Exchanges are often informal even in business settings where email often takes the place of in-person communications. If email makes you feel impatient, there is always instant messaging (IM) for rapid fire parlay. And, if … READ MORE

Mark Prahl February 17th, 2012

Through the Looking-Glass

What if you had penetrating views into your physical and virtual environment? It’s not as farfetched as it may sound. The ability to look deep across your dynamic data center exists today.  A few months back I wrote here about the management challenge and the need to get … READ MORE

Mark Prahl February 14th, 2012

Davos: A View from the Inside

Joe Tucci and I recently returned from our annual trip to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Being there gives us the ability to see and interact with lots of people — a wide variety of customers, partners, and government officials — in one place, in a … READ MORE

Bill Teuber February 13th, 2012

Data Center Watch: Know Your Virtual Applications Are Protected

There is an interesting phenomenon going on in the data center today. As more and more mission-critical applications move into production virtual environments, backup administrators are spending a lot more time ensuring data is truly protected. Understandably, the overall focus in the data center is on the internal … READ MORE

Mark Prahl February 3rd, 2012
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