Dell EMC In-Cloud Data Protection: High performance, Low Cost

As more and more enterprises move their IT functions to the cloud, data backup and disaster recovery are #1 and #3 in a list of the top uses for cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), according to a survey of IT professionals conducted by ESG Research. (Running production applications is #2.) … READ MORE

Bryan Hicks September 15th, 2017

Comparing All-Flash Storage TCO for the Modern Data Center

It’s 2016 – the “Year of All-Flash” for primary storage. The market, however, is crowded with all-flash arrays from many different vendors. The design decisions and tradeoffs made by these vendors can result in very different all-flash system capabilities, and ultimately, tradeoffs in economic benefits to the organization. … READ MORE

Chhandomay Mandal June 2nd, 2016

Why you should be as excited about DD VE as I am

Earlier this month, EMC announced Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) – and there are several reasons why many will be interested in it and how it might impact their presence in the broader data protection market.  EMC is not the first deduplication vendor to offer a virtualized … READ MORE

Jason Buffington April 25th, 2016

How to Drive Storage Performance Up and Costs Down

Just think about duplicate data for a second. Think about your own computer right now and how many copies of the same you file are storing, managing and protecting?  Just think about when that is multiplied by 100 or 1000 in a virtual desktop environment.  What about the … READ MORE

Mark Geel October 21st, 2015

A New Paradigm for Hadoop

A new ESG Lab Review is a “must read” for any organization looking to consolidate unstructured data, eliminate infrastructure ‘silos’ and leverage Hadoop analytics to gain insight (And who isn’t these days?).The ESG Lab Review: VCE Vblock Systems with EMC Isilon for Enterprise Hadoop,[1] documents lab testing of a … READ MORE

Michael Noble December 8th, 2014

Scale-out Storage 2.0: Simplicity at Any Scale

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Senior Analyst Terri McClure details how Isilon is leading the shift to scale-out 2.0 in this new video and “Market Report: Scale-out 2.0: Simple, Scalable, Services-Oriented Storage, Scale-out Storage Meets the Enterprise.”     “Scale-out 2.0 systems are basically a mashup of traditional storage … READ MORE

Nick Kirsch June 29th, 2010

Scale-out Storage versus Scale-up: What’s the Diff?

In days of old, scale-up storage was the best–and sometimes only–option for a growing data center. This meant adding expensive devices to the storage pool that often disrupted the workflow and complicated management. Now, scale-out storage is a more viable option for the enterprise due to its inherent … READ MORE

Nick Kirsch June 22nd, 2010
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