Our Best Lineup Yet

Last week, I joined Paul Maritz of VMware, and Pat Gelsinger and David Goulden of EMC, on a call with analysts and the press to discuss the leadership appointments we just announced and why we made them now. Here is a summary of what I said on the … READ MORE

Joe Tucci July 23rd, 2012

Introducting the Premiere Episode of “Inside Flash” a Video Blog focused on EMC Flash technologies and strategies

VFCache software includes technology at the heart of EMCs data protection heritage. This secret sauce includes EMC technologies and patents based on decades of engineering. It is the best of the best of the best and nothing else. That software extends EMCs FAST to the server itself. Allowing IO to be measured in Microseconds (not milliseconds), VFCache represents what I see as the second of four categories of Flash in the enterprise.
Inside Flash is your connection to all things EMC and Flash. Check out the blog at insideflash.emc.com and be sure to follow me on Twitter @emcmsft and @insideflash Thanks for watching, and feel free to contact me via email Sam Marraccini, ([email protected])

xtremio June 15th, 2012

Transformation: EMC World 2012

Looking out from the main stage at EMC World last week, into a live audience of 10,500 faces, and standing in front of a 400 ft long screen behind me, I couldn’t help thinking how big EMC’s annual customer conference has grown since its inception. We held the … READ MORE

Joe Tucci June 11th, 2012

Fast Cache and the Power Path

What’s the connection between server Flash and storage Flash? Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about server Flash here at EMC. The EMC implementation of PCIe server cache or EMC VFCache makes for a very good application performance story. It augments EMC storage-based Flash (i.e. EMC FAST) for … READ MORE

Mark Prahl March 2nd, 2012
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