What can SaaS do for you?

Today’s business owners face the constant challenge of reducing costs yet at the same time driving increases in revenue. One way a business can reduce capital expenditures is by utilizing SaaS applications. Not familiar with SaaS? Gartner defines software as a service (SaaS) “as software that is owned, delivered and managed remotely … READ MORE

David Tye April 4th, 2016

Why There’s More to Flash than Speed and Performance

Flash storage is rapidly becoming a mainstream technology. So much so that Gartner analysts predict one in four data centers will move all of their primary data over to flash within the next five years. No spinning disks. When we think of flash our minds jump quickly to speed and … READ MORE

Shane Moore September 7th, 2015

EMC receives “Excellent” rating in Gartner for Case Management Frameworks Research

The nature of work is changing from predictable processes to information-intensive processes and decision-making.  Organizations across various industries are redefining their work as “case-oriented” rather than transactional, according to Gartner. In turn, case management is moving beyond traditional enterprise content management and business process management. It can include document capture, … READ MORE

Rohit Ghai March 5th, 2014
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