How Schema On Read vs. Schema On Write Started It All

Article originally appeared as Schema On Read vs. Schema On Write Explained. What’s the difference between Schema on read vs. Schema on write? How did Schema on read shift the way data is stored? Since the inception of Relational Databases in the 70’s, schema on write has be the defacto … READ MORE

Thomas Henson August 21st, 2017

Architecture Changes in a Bound vs. Unbound Data World

Originally posted as Bound vs. Unbound Data in Real Time Analytics. Breaking The World of Processing Streaming and Real-Time analytics are pushing the boundaries of our analytic architecture patterns. In the big data community we now break down analytics processing into batch or streaming. If you glance at the top … READ MORE

Thomas Henson August 14th, 2017

Modernize Your Customer’s Data Center With the Simple Choice

If you’ve sold your customer a system to better manage their business-critical database data, you’ve gone only partway to helping them modernize their data center.  In today’s digital age, industry consensus reports that 80% of all new data being created is unstructured—stored primarily in the form of files and objects. … READ MORE

Kristine Cornwall July 24th, 2017

Revealing the secret to speed and flexibility for data analytics

Most companies recognize that they have opportunities through data analytics to raise productivity, improve decision making, and gain competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the majority of initiatives fail to move beyond the experimental stage, or analytic insights are not operationalized back into the business as intended. The causes range from inaccessibility to siloed … READ MORE

William Geller March 27th, 2017

Getting started on your data analytics journey

  The data analytics journey begins with an understanding of use cases and solutions that can help an organization unlock the value of its data. This is the focus of two new Dell EMC resources. In the course of my work with the Dell EMC data analytics program, I often … READ MORE

Jean Marie Martini March 21st, 2017
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