HDFS Everywhere!

Challenges Increasingly oil and gas companies are looking to big data and analytics to provide a new approach to answering some of their hardest questions. One of the foundation components of this is to use the HaDoop File System (HDFS). HDFS is a unifying persistence layer for many of the big … READ MORE

David Holmes October 5th, 2015

Storage Transformation Demands New Thinking (When it Comes to Software-Defined Storage, if it Walks like a Duck and Quacks like a Duck, It Still Might be a Pig!)

We live in interesting times right now in the storage business. What was once considered a “boring” sector of IT is now hot again. We have new vendors entering the market at a furious pace, trying to gain position in all-flash, flash attach, and software-defined storage. Additionally, we also have … READ MORE

Rich Simmons July 21st, 2014

Looking Back to Get Ahead Using ‘Divide and Conquer’

While my last blogs encouraged taking advantage of new technologies and not being constrained by “the way  we’ve always done things”, for this blog I’ll emphasize the wisdom that can come from looking backwards. Divide and conquer is an old strategy that has been applied effectively to many situations and problems. … READ MORE

Mark O'Connell May 10th, 2014

Understanding Hadoop, HDFS, and What That Means to Big Data

Over the past few years, usage of the Internet has increased massively.  People are now accessing emails, social networking sites, writing blogs, and creating multiple websites.  As a result, petabytes of data are generated every moment.  Enterprises today are trying to derive meaningful information from this data and convert it … READ MORE

Amrita Sadhukhan January 27th, 2014
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