Infrastructure-As-A-Service Goes Mainstream

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), the fastest growing segment of the rapidly expanding cloud market, is going mainstream into the enterprise. Concurrently service providers, who were early adopters, are moving upstream to more higher-value services IaaS is a simple concept, but with complexities that must be dealt with to successfully implement. … READ MORE

Mark Prahl December 7th, 2012

IT Transformation Leads to the Cloud Operations Center

How are you managing your new virtualized IT infrastructure? If you are a data center manager or administrator, the chances are pretty good that your IT organization is running a Network Operations Center (NOC) with a firm hand on the pulse of the networking elements that comprise the … READ MORE

Mark Prahl November 16th, 2012

Application Developers Take Center Stage

Are programmers still in demand in today’s data center? Some studies may lead you to believe that career opportunities for programmers may be waning, but don’t believe them. A new breed of coder is emerging in the marketplace, and is in high demand right now since scarce in … READ MORE

Mark Prahl October 19th, 2012

The API-Driven Cloud

What makes more sense—open or standard APIs for cloud? Standard APIs have long been with us providing the means to access the basic protocols that power the Internet such as TCP, IP, and DNS. Without the stability of standards, the Web would be a shifting landscape making it … READ MORE

Mark Prahl August 10th, 2012
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