Tips for Running a Database as a Service

Database as a Service (DBaaS) is becoming another one of those industry buzzwords that can mean almost anything. Obviously it has something to do with running databases in a cloud model. But technology vendors don’t hesitate to apply that term to any product that’s even remotely related to that topic. … READ MORE

Yoav Eilat September 26th, 2016

Flash is Taking Over the Data Center

The rate of adoption of flash in the enterprise storage systems market today points to not IF flash will take but rather WHEN and WHERE.  When considering the growing use of flash in both hybrid and all flash arrays, there are four key drivers: A declining $/GB.  On a blended … READ MORE

Laura DuBois February 29th, 2016

Thanks for Subscribing to The Core!

Apologies!  Our original piece for today got published a little too early!  We appreciate your blog subscription!  Wednesday will be our next entry on 6 considerations when choosing a data protection partner!  See you on Wednesday! The Core Blog Team!  

Jamie Doherty September 14th, 2015

Why There’s More to Flash than Speed and Performance

Flash storage is rapidly becoming a mainstream technology. So much so that Gartner analysts predict one in four data centers will move all of their primary data over to flash within the next five years. No spinning disks. When we think of flash our minds jump quickly to speed and … READ MORE

Shane Moore September 7th, 2015

EMC VMAX3 Hyper-Consolidation Reduces Costs by 30%

CTO’s today are always looking for ways to reduce operational and environmental costs. Good timing, because the IDC Research Storage Team just released an InfoBrief on the impact of Hyper-consolidation on EMC’s VMAX3. IDC validated that enterprises that consolidate their … Continue reading

Author information

Colin Gallagher

Colin Gallagher

Colin Gallagher is the Director of Product Marketing for the VMAX family in the Core Technologies Division of EMC. In this role he focuses on engaging with our customers, sales force, press and analysts to discuss VMAX benefits and capabilities.

Colin has been with EMC since 2004, holding leadership positions within product management and business development. He has been working in technology since 1987, having held prior roles in pre-sales, development, and product management.

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Colin Gallagher February 26th, 2015

Hybrid Flash Arrays: The Storage Work Horse

EMC partnered with IDC to capture the global thoughts of customers using VNX2. In today’s business environment, it is common to hear that IT budgets are flat, and in some cases even shrinking, while the demands of IT  continuing to … Continue reading

Author information

Kristine Beauchamp

Kristine Beauchamp

Kristine Beauchamp is a Marketing Program Manager for EMC’s Core Technologies Division, responsible for Customer References.

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Kristine Beauchamp January 14th, 2015

Third Platform Applications in a Mixed Workload Environment

The implications for what IDC calls the “3rd platform” of computing — social, mobile, cloud and big data — are clear and compelling:  enterprises and service providers must advance to the next generation of applications or expect disruption from new entrants and reinvented incumbents. But making this transition can be … READ MORE

Carl Washington December 15th, 2014
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