Harnessing Simplicity in Midrange Storage Ain’t Easy

Chewing gum is simple. So is turning on a light. And it’s simple enough to forget where you parked. OK, maybe so, but when it comes to the sphere of technology “simple” and “simple to use” are frequently advertised terms but rarely live up to the claims. Trying to represent … READ MORE

Joe Catalanotti September 14th, 2016

Founders Federal Credit Union Growing with EMC

Many people take financial services for granted and yet for others, fees and minimum balances make it difficult to get started. At Founders Federal Credit Union, providing affordable financial services and making them accessible to everyone is a primary goal. It’s part of our community focus that extends from helping … READ MORE

Bob Bender December 28th, 2015

Enterprise Capabilities with Cloud-like Simplicity – Inconceivable!

Nowadays, IT professionals in smaller shops are rarely specialists. They are juggling lots of responsibilities including servers, networks, security, mobile, applications – and of course storage. On any given day, they are just as likely to connect end-users to a wireless network as they are to provision 1TB of capacity.  … READ MORE

Jon Siegal August 13th, 2015
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