Application Developers Take Center Stage

Are programmers still in demand in today’s data center? Some studies may lead you to believe that career opportunities for programmers may be waning, but don’t believe them. A new breed of coder is emerging in the marketplace, and is in high demand right now since scarce in … READ MORE

Mark Prahl October 19th, 2012

Breaking Barriers In The Information Age

How is the information age changing business communications? Cloud computing, data growth, and mobility all make for interesting technology conversations and sometimes a pretty good blog post. But, it’s the other changes that intrigue me the most. How we handle business communications is evolving at a rapid rate, … READ MORE

Mark Prahl June 29th, 2012

Applications Have Gone Mobile

“Elvis has left the building.” It was a popular phrase to disperse crowds after Elvis Presley concerts and has found its way into colloquial American speech. Fact was Elvis had moved on to the next big gig while some of his followers just didn’t want to accept that … READ MORE

Mark Prahl January 20th, 2012
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