Performance Testing Made Simpler with iCDM

At the recently concluded Oracle Open World show in San Francisco, many mutual customers of Oracle and Dell EMC shared how their organizations benefited from the consistent low IO response time from Dell EMC All Flash storage. In one of the conversations, a DBA mentioned that having production databases on … READ MORE

Bala Chandrasekaran October 26th, 2016

Episode #38: Application Workload Solutions with Jason Kotsaftis

Customer application workloads drive just about everything we do here at EMC.  I’ve said many times, without end user applications there would be no need for any type of infrastructure.  From modernizing traditional workloads to enabling new web scale applications, EMC products are designed to help our customers reduce cost, … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini April 13th, 2016

Episode #15: Talking Databases with Sam Lucido

EMC: The Source Podcast Episode #15:  EMC and Oracle have partnered for more than 15 years, helping more than 80,000 customers optimize their Oracle software on EMC virtual infrastructure. EMC has invested deeply in joint engineering, Proven Solutions, and global Joint Escalation Centers making the EMC-Oracle relationship unique in the … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini September 30th, 2015

Inside Flash Episode #23: XtremIO Oracle Database Consolidation

XtremIO Oracle Database Consolidation with Sam Lucido: When the EMC Global Solutions Team set out to demonstrate the Oracle Database consolidation capabilities of XtremIO, they had three primary goals. Simplify database consolidation – consolidate mixed-workload, test/dev with performance at scale. Maximize DBA Productivity – simplify provisioning, reduce downtime and accelerate … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini June 4th, 2015

Beating the Odds with FAST Hinting

EMC World 2015 kicked off in Las Vegas on May 4th and it always reminds me of the many people who travel from all over the world to visit Vegas. They come for the gambling. They come for the nightlife. They come to just getaway or be somebody else for … READ MORE

Howard Rubin May 26th, 2015

XtremIO optimized for Oracle Databases

DBA notice things like latency, especially if you’re able to deliver low latency one day, or hour, and not the next. Of course, Flash promises performance, no rotational delay, no seek-time. Performance is the easy part; I’ll say it again, Architecture Matters. Without getting on my soap-box, Flash impacts every storage architectural model. Flash is everywhere.

Sam Marraccini August 8th, 2014

Inside Flash Episode #7: VFCache High Performance Microsoft SQL Server

The EMC Solutions Group recently released a whitepaper focused on EMC Infrastructure for VMware. The solution includes real world database workloads. Data warehouse and OLTP, Microsoft SQL and Oracle, all virtualized. A configuration that reflects what our customers are doing as they move to the cloud. A key component of that configuration is EMC VFCache, accelerating both the Data warehouse and OLTP environments.

Sam Marraccini January 6th, 2013
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