Drive Support Package (DSP) 1.21 is available!

Isilon Drive Support Package (DSP) 1.21 is available and can be downloaded from the Dell EMC Online Support website.  See the Isilon Drive Support Package 1.21 Release Notes for complete product information, including known issues. Download Information Isilon Drive Support Package 1.21 Isilon Drive Support Package 1.21 Release … READ MORE

Travis Martin October 3rd, 2017

Ceph is free if your time is worth nothing!

Ironic how we grow up listening to our parent’s tell us “Nothing in life is free” yet the moment someone claims they have or do something for “free”, we forget that simple truth. Is anything ever really free? There are offerings out there today that claim they are … READ MORE

Jyothi Swaroop May 19th, 2015

The EMC Isilon Uptime Bulletin, reinvented

When we launched the EMC® Isilon® Uptime Bulletin in 2013, each issue was published in a PDF format that could be downloaded from the EMC Online Support site. Because the Uptime Bulletin contains timely information, such as OneFS target code, tips, and the latest firmware releases, we wanted … READ MORE

Kirsten Gantenbein January 27th, 2015

Understanding Global Namespace Acceleration (GNA)

With the proliferation of solid state drives (SSDs) in data centers across the world, companies are finding more and more ways to take advantage of the high speed and low latency of SSDs in unique and exciting ways. Within the EMC® Isilon® OneFS® operating system, one of the innovative … READ MORE

Colin Torretta June 3rd, 2014

Service Outage Hits Home for Cloud Provider

Are there blind spots in your service assurance approach? Netflix, a provider of online streaming media, made news over the holidays when customers experienced a service outage on Christmas Eve.  Imagine taking the wrapping off of your new mobile device and deciding to try it out to stream … READ MORE

Mark Prahl January 18th, 2013

Service Assurance In The Cloud

How do you provide service assurance in your virtualized data center or cloud? Read any blog, online article, or hard copy publication about the IT industry and you will likely see much about the future of IT. But, it is the every-day challenges and victories that often determine … READ MORE

Mark Prahl August 28th, 2012
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