Exposing the Roots of Innovation with Hybrid Cloud

We live in a world where answers are instantaneous, and it’s no secret technology has changed the way people are consuming information. The proliferation of smart devices and social networks puts endless resources in the palm of our hands. So, what does the hybrid cloud have to do … READ MORE

Cindy O'Brien January 20th, 2015

Dear Server Huggers, Get Well Soon

Coughing, sneezing, shortage of breath; are you experiencing any or all of these symptoms when you hear the words “cloud computing?” You are not alone! Many people are coming forth as server huggers, better known as those who resist cloud computing or virtualization.  Accustomed to being able to … READ MORE

Meredith Soper December 1st, 2014

EMC “Doubles Down” on OpenStack

EMC is paving the way to the 3rd Platform of computing by focusing on the growing momentum in the OpenStack market.  Recently IDC projected that by 2020, 3rd platform applications will be driving nearly 100% of IT growth, with many new workloads running on and leveraging Open Source … READ MORE

Dorian Naveh November 4th, 2014

Redefining Hybrid Cloud with EMC Hybrid Cloud Solution

In today’s global economy, we live in a world with no borders, where ideas can originate and where the next great opportunity will present itself. Over 70% of our customers have told us that IT will need to build and operate a well-run hybrid cloud in order to … READ MORE

Josh Kahn May 6th, 2014

For Fundamental Application Challenges, The Fix Is In The Cloud

While there are many reasons for corporate IT operations to embrace private cloud computing and transform to an IT-as-a-Service model, optimizing the performance of basic IT tools like email storage, database management and file sharing are among the compelling motivators. Consider, for example, the fact that EMC IT … READ MORE

Wissam Halabi April 25th, 2014

EMC In The Fast Lane Toward The Third Platform

Unleashing the power of mobile computing in your organization while keeping your information secure is an evolving challenge in today’s fast-changing world of mobility. Mobility is an extremely important component in the evolution to the Third Platform, given the “consumerization of IT” and the fact that enterprises are … READ MORE

KK Krishnakumar April 25th, 2014
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