Why Big Data is Relevant

I am continuously surprised by people who tell me that Big Data has no relevance to their organization. To me it’s like the 90s where people said that the internet was not relevant to business. If you are one of the people battling with the concept, let me … READ MORE

Clive Gold May 9th, 2012

The Security Industry and a Look Ahead

I just came back from a five-week trip of meeting with customers around the world and never in my entire career have CEOs and corporate boards been as interested in security as they are now. The common theme throughout these conversations was that we are facing a new … READ MORE

Art Coviello December 23rd, 2011

Energy & Engineering Day at Momentum Europe 2011

[show_avatar [email protected] align=left avatar_size=30]On November 1st, EMC will be hosting an Energy & Engineering Day at Momentum Europe 2011 in Berlin. For Momentum Energy & Engineering attendees, EMC has scheduled a full day agenda highlighting how EMC and Partners are transforming information management to optimize critical business processes, … READ MORE

Gonzalo Merchan October 19th, 2011
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