Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web!

As Dell EMC continues to innovate in SaaS, hybrid and public cloud technologies, here’s a hat-tip to another innovation that enables us to #GoBigWinBig – the World Wide Web, “born” on November 12, 1990.Some interesting facts about the World Wide Web: The Internet and the World Wide Web … READ MORE

Lori Witzel November 12th, 2016

Road to Efficiency, Part 2

As business look at cloud adoption, the question is, “What is the cloud good for?” Yes, the cloud can be efficient and elastic, but what would be its real use in complex environments? A different way of looking at the road to the cloud is by considering where … READ MORE

Vladimir Mandic May 16th, 2016

Going the Distance for Data Protection

Today marks an important day in Boston, MA; the 120th anniversary of the historic Boston Marathon. 20 EMCers from across the globe, including myself, represent Team EMC and will be taking our place among over 30,000 runners covering the 26.2 miles between Hopkinton and the final stretch down … READ MORE

Leslie Chunta April 18th, 2016
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