XtremIO Update with Itzik Reich

EMCs XtremIO was the topic of a breakout session at Vmware Partner Exchange. Itzik Reich presented “Best Practice for Running Virtualized Workloads on All-Flash Arrays”.  Itzik and I spent some time together before his breakout, and it was the perfect opportunity to get a summary of what he planned to … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini March 31st, 2015

A Valentine’s Day KISS from VSPEX BLUE: (Kiss It Simple, Stupid)

“VSPEX Blue is EMCs EVO:Rail”  Absolutely true, EMC has embraced the EVO:Rail program providing a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure designed for rapid deployment of Enterprise Cloud.  Remember, VMWare EVO:Rail is all about keeping it simple (KISS), simple to deploy, simple to manage and simple to acquire. EMC has taken the concept one … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini February 14th, 2015

Redefine SAP Landscapes with EMC XtremIO – Webinar 2015-02-12

Optimizing your SAP application resources to meet critical SLAs has never been more challenging. But did you know that storage is just as critical as software when it comes to improving your overall performance metrics?
Find out if you have a storage bottleneck at our next XtremIO webinar: Redefining SAP Landscapes with All-Flash Arrays.

Sam Marraccini February 6th, 2015

Disruption, Enabling: The Tides of Change

If you followed EMCs latest earning report , Q4/2014 (http://www.emc.com/ir), one thing is clear… XtremIO is a rocket ship! The slide on the right is part of the webcast presentation; the first bullet is just remarkable.
InsideFlash XtremIO By the numbers Q4-2014
XtremIO by the Numbers
“Fastest Growing Product in EMC History”. When you consider all of the products and all of the EMC acquisitions over the years, being the fastest growing product is incredible. Interestingly enough, all of these accomplishments happened in just over a year, since XtremIO GA back in November 2013.

Sam Marraccini January 30th, 2015

EMC officially acquires ScaleIO: Delivers on Flash.Next Roadmap! (in just 4 months!)

The EMC Flash.Next launch was just 4 months ago. The March 2013 live webcast introduced the EMC Xtrem Family: XtremSF, XtremSW Cache and XtremIO. XtremSW Cache continues to combine the performance of server side flash with the protection of an enterprise storage array. I blogged then that the difference was in the “Software”, that’s even more evident after this morning acquisition of ScaleIO.

Sam Marraccini July 11th, 2013

Inside Flash with Sam Marraccini: Episode #10: EMC World 2013 “X Factor”

EMC World in one word? Overwhelming! and more so every year. At least that’s the feedback I get
from EMC Customers. If you attended, you had to make some choices: What session should I attend? What keynote sessions should I make? If you missed the X Factor in the exhibit hall, you missed the details of EMCs Flash Everywhere Strategy. Featuring an XtremIO array, the X Factor
focused on the EMC Xtrem Portfolio. The X Factor Theater featured the details of the EMC Xtrem Family: XtremSF (PCIe Server Flash), XtremSW Cache (Caching Software) and XtremIO (EMCs All Flash Array).
I was able to capture one of the last theater sessions of the show; you’ll find it in this episode of www.InsideFlash.com

Sam Marraccini June 30th, 2013
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