Episode #38: Application Workload Solutions with Jason Kotsaftis

Customer application workloads drive just about everything we do here at EMC.  I’ve said many times, without end user applications there would be no need for any type of infrastructure.  From modernizing traditional workloads to enabling new web scale applications, EMC products are designed to help our customers reduce cost, … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini April 13th, 2016

Episode #13: Desktops in the Clouds (VMworld 2015 EUC Solution)

Today’s end users are more mobile than ever and expect continuous access to business-critical information when, where, and from any device they choose.  IT must strike a balance between open, accessible infrastructure supporting collaborative, real-time, resource-intensive applications and maintain a secure environment that protects the business and its digital assets.  … READ MORE

Sam Marraccini September 16th, 2015
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