The Convergence of Innovation & Sustainability

Innovation and sustainability are two core values for EMC and for any truly forward-looking organization. After all, without innovation, companies risk stagnation, commoditization, and downright irrelevance in a world where change just continues to accelerate. Sustainability is equally important to any company’s future if it’s to have a talented and energized … READ MORE

Kathrin Winkler October 3rd, 2012

Scientific Big Data

We are at a very exciting moment in history and in science. On one hand, advances in technology have enabled scalable and affordable Cloud Computing as well as the analytics of truly massive Big Data. These in turn have made viable the application of technology to the advancement of science … READ MORE

Patricia Florissi June 28th, 2012

Cloud Computing: A Catalyst for Business Innovation

Cloud computing is one of the high tech industry’s most significant and disruptive developments of the past few decades, changing the way organizations build, operate, and consume IT. Businesses are eagerly adopting cloud as a means to make enormous gains in the efficiency and agility of their IT, and to … READ MORE

Nina Hargus May 2nd, 2012

Reverse Innovation: From Push to Pull

Last week Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble released their book Reverse Innovation. I’ve been a collaborator with Vijay on this topic for several years (Vijay wrote the foreword to my book, Innovate with Global Influence). During our collaboration, I provided Vijay with specific examples that highlight EMC’s approach to Reverse … READ MORE

Steve Todd April 16th, 2012
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