The wait is over! Start selling XtremIO X2

Dell EMC XtremIO has enabled thousands of customers – from the Boston Red Sox to – to enhance their VDI capabilities. Now we’re thrilled to take customers to a whole new level of performance, offering the second generation of the all-flash storage system, Dell EMC XtremIO X2. … READ MORE

Dell EMC Partner Post Blog September 15th, 2017

Be Your Customers’ Application Transformation Problem Solver

During a recent customer conversation around application challenges, I found myself going down a deep, technical rabbit hole. It felt reminiscent of my early years in the EMC Executive Briefing Center. At that time, my team used performance charts to illustrate an EMC solution’s performance versus the competition. Around the … READ MORE

Rima Robinson June 23rd, 2016

Transforming Healthcare with All-Flash Storage

All-flash storage is proving to be an important breakthrough technology for the healthcare industry. The performance and efficiency gains enabled by all-flash arrays are allowing healthcare organizations worldwide to dramatically improve patient outcomes and clinical productivity. All-flash solutions allow IT teams to address the demanding requirements of important … READ MORE

Chhandomay Mandal June 22nd, 2016

Scale-Out Easily as You Grow with VxRack

I have had the opportunity to talk with customers over the past few weeks about their plans for converged and hyper-converged infrastructures within their data centers.  We usually end up taking a step back and talking about methodologies.  Are they comfortable with the idea of software defined yet?  … READ MORE

Allan Waters January 12th, 2016

The 24-hour Work Day: The New Reality

How many devices do you use for work today? And how many of those are your own personal gadgets? I am sure you will not be surprised to know that 43% of us use at least three, and a significant portion of these are “Bring Your Own Device” … READ MORE

Chhandomay Mandal September 9th, 2015

Flash Comes Down to Earth: High-performance Storage Goes Mainstream

Flash storage is getting decidedly more flashy these days. The once exclusive and expensive, high-performance storage technology is staking out an increasingly mainstream storage footprint across the current data environment. Typically, flash has been the Formula 1 of storage technology, used to meet workloads requiring high-intensity IO with … READ MORE

KK Krishnakumar April 21st, 2015

Affordable Flash: New Dedup Power a True Game Changer

Flash technology isn’t just for storing your most critical data anymore. Thanks to all-flash storage arrays with super-efficient, in-line deduplication capabilities, flash can now be the most cost-effective choice for your less critical storage needs as well. This can be illustrated by two use cases we’ve developed for … READ MORE

Paul Divittorio September 22nd, 2014

Flash and VDI, a marriage made in heaven!?!

Happy New Year!!! And what a year it’s been, Flash keeps getting cheaper: Moore’s Law (faster & more dense), new Purpose built All Flash Storage Arrays with truly in-line Data Deduplication, and new form factors of Server Flash along with updates to software integrating it all together! And that’s just some of the developments we’ve seen in 2013. In the case of these developments, they have all directly impacted planned VDI deployments, or in some cases resurrected failed VDI deployments. They are all parts of deploying a non-stop production ready and scalable VDI infrastructure.

Sam Marraccini January 9th, 2014
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